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Obama’s Choice: Concorde Presidential Office Chair

president's chairChoosing an office chair is a daunting task. Two things make it quite difficult to choose the right chair for yourself. First, whether or not a chair is good, is not something you’re going to be able to understand by reading product specs. Second, it is quite a subjective issue and the comfort of a chair changes from person to person. One can just end up with back pain on the same chair and a stiff neck while another will never want stand up.

One way to get a decent chair is to go for an established brand with a popular model. If this is what you want to do, the choice is clear. Pretty much everybody would be in concensus that Aeron by Hermann Miller is the best office chair, whether you are an executive, and employee or self-employed at a home office. The Aeron Chair looks impressive, is built to stand the test of time and you will not want to sit on any other chair once you try Aeron.

Another safe path to finding a chair that is certain to make you comfortable for long hours of office work to literally follow the steps pf great man. What I mean is, first find a guy who sit on nothing but one of the best chairs on the planet and see what he uses in his office. A man you might want to imitate in this issue, is the president of the United States.

Googling for Obama’s Office Chair, I quickly found out that the president’s choice is the Concorde Presidential Office Chair. The first impression of the chair is fine. Bulky, black and with prestigious look, the Concorde is suitable for a head of state. I also found out that this chair first found its way into the Oval Office when George W. Bush was in office so it is actually the choice of two consecutive presidents. The next thing I wanted to find out was the price.

I was really surprised to find about the price of the chair. It costs about $2000. OK, that is a lot for a chair. But, it is actually quite cheap for a chair a president is going to sit on. I’m pretty sure that you can find a chair that costs tens of thousands of dollars if you are bent on getting the most expensive chair. Yet, the president has decided that he is OK with a chair that costs only $2000 or maybe less. The good news is most anyone can get an Obama Office Chair at this price range. The interesting thing is there must be something really great about this chair if it is deemed apt for a president.

There is no question about the comfort of sitting in this chair. It is perfectly comfortable. It is built attentively and will definitely last for decades. Support for your back is also ample and adjustable, too. The back of the chair is not the only adjustable part. Nearly everything with this chair can be adjusted.

What I find quite handy about the Concorde Executive Chair is the location of the controls for adjusting the various parts of the chair. You can change everyting just by touching the control panel on the arm rests. Now, that’s something you don’t find in an Aeron Chair and it can make you feel like you are the executive.

On the whole, Concorde Presidential Executive Chair appears perfect except for two things. There is no padding on the armrests. It’s just plastic. This is something people don’t like about this chair. The other thing is its covered with some leathery material that could get you to sweat a bit. However, I have not heard anybody disliking the cover material so it could just be a whim of mine.



Choosing The Right Office Chair: Some Brief Advice

I have to tell you that a few weeks ago I spent about $50 on a mesh-back office chair and it basically sucks. Now, I will define what “sucks” means. I am obcessed about keeping a proper posture so a chair has to have some lumbar support or other design feature that makes it comfortable to sit up straight. It should encourage you sit properly in other words. Well, we have much better chairs in my office at work and I can immediately tell the difference. I did not take a deep look to see what shape the workplace chairs have but I can tell they feel way better for my lower back and I actually get up very energetic and refreshed. I had realized that I was much more efficient doin work at the office than at home. The chairs are definitely the reason.

Things are not limited to comfort or posture. A few days ago, I found some screws on the floor just below the chair. I was able to fix it in a few seconds but that does not change the fact that this thing is falling into pieces.  It looks like I will be needing a new office a few months after spending $50 on one. And I am not at all sad about that. Of course, things would be much more alarming, if the cheap chair was at the office. You certainly need some workplace safety, don’t you.

You found my story exciting. Well, I am realistic. It’s not an exciting story. It’s another replica of the stories of hundreds of thousands of other people who think they can get a chair that works for less than $100. The thing is, you cannot get a chair for less than that and even if you do, you will not enjoy sitting on that chair. This is just like getting a mobile phone for $5. If someone offers to sell you that you would be 100 percent sure that it is not working.

This is actually a story with a moral. The idea is, if you are out in the market for an office chair, you remember that getting an expensive office chair is the best idea. Actually, buying a high-end chair can save you money in the long-term. Let’s make a small mind experiment. My $50 chair last 3 months. $1000 chair last 20 years. If I keep buying the 50 dollar chairs, I will buy 80 of them in the next 20 years and that’s going to cost me $4000. Conclusion: Expensive chair is a bargain.